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AUV-IITB comprises of highly enthusiastic and hard working technocrats ranging from bright-eyed freshmen to driven senior undergraduates and tech-experienced post-graduates spanning various branches of engineering like Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Aerospace, Material Science and Civil at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay).

The team works towards participating at AUVSI Robosub Competition, which is held annually in July at San Diego, California. The competition is a platform for students to display their skills in underwater robotics and build a connection with industries working along similar verticals. The competition demands designing and manufacturing of an unmanned autonomous underwater vehicle that can perform predefined tasks. This draws upon expertise of the areas of engineering provided by multifaceted team.

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Recruitment of new Team Members
August 24, 2014

AUV-IITB recruiting new members in the team . If you want to join see the link below

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