• Runners-up at Robosub 2016 (amongst 50 international teams)
  • Winners at NIOT SAVe 2016 (amongst 14 notional teams)
  • Best performance by an Asian AUV at Robosub 2016
  • Best performance by an Indian AUV at Robosub 2012,13,14,15,16

American Society of Mechanical Research (ASME) ASME 2014, International Undergraduate Research and Design Expo 2014, Montreal

Design Evaluation Of Pressure Chamber For Underwater Vehicles
Design and Development of twisted fin torpedo and its actuation
Impact of thruster positioning and profiling on controls of an AUV
Development of unique robotic manipulator and its dynamic and kinetic analysis

ASME 2013, International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition, San Diego

Design, Analysis and Development of a Frame for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles ASME 2012,

International Undergraduate Research and Design Expo 2012, Houston

System Design and Implementation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

NIOT, IEEE International Underwater Technology Symposium 2013 Workshop

Modeling and Experimental Verification of Dynamics of an AUV
(Ranked 2nd at Research Expo for “Design and Development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Matsya 2.0”)