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8 Departments | 3 Subdivisions | 1 Team | AUV-IITB

AUV-IITB comprises of highly enthusiastic and hard working technocrats ranging from bright-eyed freshmen to driven senior undergraduates and tech-experienced post-graduates spanning various branches of engineering like Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Aerospace, Material Science and Civil at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.

The team works towards participating at AUVSI Robosub Competition, which is held annually in July at San Diego, California. The competition is a platform for students to display their skills in underwater robotics and build a connection with industries working along similar verticals. The competition demands designing and manufacturing of an autonomous underwater vehicle that can perform predefined tasks. This draws upon expertise of the areas of engineering provided by multifaceted team.

The Team 2016-17

Currently we are a 22 membered team developing cutting edge technology for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV).The development of an AUV is a year long process involving design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, integration and competition preparation.
In order to accelerate the development of MATSYA our team is structured into three sub divisions viz Mechanical, Electrical and Software.Every year the team puts in 30,000 man hours for the development and integration of our AUV MATSYA.

Mechanical Subdivision

The Mechanical Subdivision work on the vehicle frame, waterproof hulls and all actuation systems viz Gripper, Markers and Torpedos. The team uses Solidworks and ANSYS software for designing purposes and get everything fabricated in-house at facilities provided by IIT Bombay or from external vendors. This team ensures steady vehicle dynamics and streamlined performance.

Electrical Subdivision

The Electrical Subdivision designs and fabricates all the electronic circuits required for the functioning of the AUV. Through the course of one year, they make robust boards for Power Distribution, Battery Management, Motor Drivers, Backplane and General Purpose Input-Output Boards. Apart from this, the members of this subdivision also ensure the continuous working of all sensors and the CAN setup (introduced for the first time in Matsya 5.0). Overall their aim is to provide a reliable electronic stack meeting all the objectives.

Software Subdivision

The Software Subdivision writes over 20k+lines of code, using ROS as a major abstraction, to make the AUV Autonomous! They also develop simulation software to make the coding efficient. They are the ones who are responsible for making the AUV capable of completing a certain task underwater.

Sub Divisions


200k+ lines of code and building, this subdivision uses ROS as a major abstraction and is responsible for the automation of Matsya.


Working more on the firmware abstraction, this team assures quality actuators and reliability in the electronic stack.


Working on the vehicle frame and the waterproof hulls, the team ensures steady vehicle dynamics and streamlined performance underwater.

About Robosub & SAVe

We participate in two competitions viz
1.The International Robosub Competition organized by the the Association for Unmanned Vehicle System International (AUVSI) cosponsored by US Office of Naval Research.
2.The National SAVe Competition organized by National Institute of Technology under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, along with IEEE OES.
The goal of both the competitions is to develop an AUV capable of completing realistic missions underwater. The tasks are designed so as to simulate the real -life problems faced by the navy during rescue missions and underwater exploration .Some of these tasks are shooting torpedoes, dropping markers, listening and locating the underwater sound sources, identifying different colours and shapes of objects underwater & grabbing objects underwater .

The current team is lead by two students: